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Arroces Dacsa

Dacsa is one of the premium sponsors of Hyperloop UPV. To celebrate this union made in Valencia, we had to mix two opposing concepts in one video: innovation and tradition.

Directed by David Hernández.
Photography Director Guillermo Polo ∧ Marcos Bodí.
Casting by Tropical Casting.
Recording by Los Hermanos Polo.
Recorded in Valencia.
Camera: Red Epic Dragon 5K.
Lens: Cooke Mini S4.

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Kento Shop

Kento Shop is a powerful new food concept from Valencia, that has been able to open 5 restaurants in less than 2 years of development. Healthy, delicious, and great price sushi for everyone.
This spot points out the main clients that come to Kento. Families, workers, and sportspersons.

Directed by Marcos Bodí
Music by Epidemic Sounds
Recording by David Hernández

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Marcos Bodí

Experimental microcut where artists from different fields have collaborated in a work that seeks to show the different facets of love.
The same idea can generate hate, love, security, rejection, life and even death.

Directed by Marcos Bodí.
Graphic by Vento Superbia.
Music by Kyddiekafka.
Make-up by Sara Rey.
Color by Jorge Dabaliña / Marcos Bodí.
Design clothes LAKAJADE.

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Zeleros Hyperloop

Zeleros Hyperloop is the leading European company in the real development of Hyperloop. In just 3 years since its foundation, they have obtained millions of investment for the design of their prototype and the first European test track of 2 km in length. They have unique levitation patents, with which they will create the transport of the future.
A video to start. Zeleros needed a place that told his story, his goals and his team, that made any viewer understand and believe in the company.

Directed by David Hernández
Script by Juan Vicén
Voice by Manuel Martínez
Recorded in California, New York ∧ Valencia

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DHC Films

We went to California to record a documentary. We could not resist creating a video with our best shots. Everything there is magical.

Directed by David Hernández.
Music by The Alan Parsons Project.
Recorded in Los Angeles, San Francisco ∧ Yosemite.

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Esquina Finlandia

Festivales de Verano is one of the most powerful songs of Esquina Finlandia. This group was created in 2018 and has achieved an incredible amount of fans in a very short time.
This conglomerate of shots represents the randomness of summer, its crazy moments and the constant surprise.

Directed by David Hernández
Lyrics Esquina Finlandia
Art direction by Ana Sarrión, Clara Sarrión ∧ David Hernández
Audio by RWStudios
Recorded in Valencia

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